Budget flights galore for 2,3 or more!

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Budget flights galore for 2,3 or more!

Individual All-In Fares

For sale until 30Apr18 and for travel until 28Feb19
Destination Economy All-In Price Premium All-In Price

Prices From, per person

Ahmedabad R5,928.00 R22,310.00
Amsterdam R6,729.00 R23,193.00
Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain R6,993.00 R36,040.00
Bangkok R6,585.00 R25,027.00
Kempegowda R7,424.00 R23,576.00
Mumbai R5,055.00 R25,617.00
Kozhikode R8,419.00 R25,831.00
Colombo R7,582.00 R32,334.00
Kochi R7,216.00 R31,028.00
Dhaka R7,130.00 R24,682.00
Delhi R6,335.00 R27,437.00
Dublin R6,917.00 R23,581.00
Dusseldorf R7,114.00 R25,408.00
Frankfurt R6,748.00 R24,692.00
Phuket R5,575.00 R22,207.00
Hyderabad R7,589.00 R24,101.00
ISB R8,236.00 R22,668.00
Istanbul R5,772.00 R20,956.00
Jakarta R7,860.00 R26,812.00
Karachi R7,236.00 R22,668.00
Kuala Lumpur R6,914.00 R25,506.00
Los Angeles R11,018.00 R42,098.00
Lahore R7,236.00 R22,658.00
London R7,624.00 R27,895.00
Manchester R7,693.00 R30,854.00
Melbourne R10,314.00 R33,136.00
Manila R8,356.00 R22,238.00
Munich R7,068.00 R23,472.00
New York R6,888.00 R31,318.00
Paris R7,257.00 R21,846.00
Rome R6,079.00 R23,907.00
Sydney R10,642.00 R26,354.00


2-8 Passengers Travelling Together Fare per Person

For sale until 14Apr18 and for travel until 28Feb19
Destination Economy All-In Price Premium All-In Price

Prices From, per person

Abu Dhabi R6,378.00 R34,640.00
London R7,324.00 R26,985.00
Mumbai R4,435.00 R21,867.00
Frankfurt R6,498.00 R23,712.00
Paris R6,863.00 R20,976.00
Munich R6,658.00 R22,012.00
Sydney R9,172.00 R24,654.00
Amsterdam R6,149.00 R21,343.00
New York R6,588.00 R30,228.00
Jeddah R5,958.00 R35,680.00
Dhaka R6,790.00 R22,852.00
Bangkok R6,265.00 R23,967.00
Rome R5,873.00 R22,707.00
Madinah R6,864.00 R35,676.00
Cairo R7,253.00 R25,705.00

Terms & Conditions Apply.

The fares mentioned include taxes and surcharges, and exclude service fees. The fares are "starting from" fares and are subject by availability. Flight and day restrictions apply with a 30 day advance purchase on Business Class required. Weekend surcharges apply. For a full list of destinations and details terms & conditions, please contact your XL Travel agent. Prices are per person sharing, subject to airfare increases, taxes and currency fluctuations. Excludes all visas & insurance. Standard T's&C's Apply. E&OE


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